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Financial and Production Accounting Software

  • One system for all your oil and gas accounting needs.
  • Simplify multicurrency, intercompany and consolidations.
  • Save money — slash accounting software costs.

Oil and Gas Accounting Software

One System for Production and Financial Accounting

Energy Corridor incorporates financial and production accounting into one oil and gas accounting software application — one unified system that reduces redundancy and duplication of effort. The result: huge increases in accuracy and efficiency and a streamlined workflow that saves you time and money.

A land and contract module is currently under development.

Common Database

Energy Corridor uses one database for its production, financial, and land modules.

Say goodbye to messy data coordination and exporting and importing between modules.

Energy Corridor provides one-time master data setup, including cost centres, business associates, division of interests, etc. Create masters once and use them again in all modules.

Cloud-based SaaS or Traditional Server-Based Deployment

Energy Corridor is deployed on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, but it can also be deployed on your in-house servers. That saves you release management headaches and costs.

Fast, Easy Data Entry

Energy Corridor has a standard Windows interface with all the familiar shortcuts you expect, including point-and-click, right-click, pick lists, and more. Data upload via Microsoft Excel is available as a standard part of the system.

Instant Technical Support

When you need support, you get it right away. That’s how we operate. No tickets, no queue, no waiting — just on-call tech support from industry experts. You can reach us by email or phone.

Decrease G&A Costs

In the age of fiscal restraint, companies need to control costs. Energy Corridor will help your bottom line by lowering your monthly software costs.

Energy Corridor Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Joint Interest Billing

  • Run preliminary JIBs and view reports any time.
  • See company net and partner share as soon as vouchers are posted. 
  • Upload and download operated and non-operated EnergyLink invoices.
  • Simplify JIB audits with the included audit worksheets.

Handle Cash Calls
with Ease

  • Energy Corridor handles all authorization for expenditure (AFE) cash calls. 
  • Generate cash call vouchers and invoices in one step.
  • See Operated Cash Calls on how to handle any cash call situation.

Real-Time Reporting

  • No need to run month-end reporting.
  • All gross and net entries are available for all reports as soon as they’re posted.
  • All the standard expected and required reports are included.
  • All reports are created in Microsoft Excel. 
  • Analyze by industry standards such as cost centre, area, AFE, and cash-generating unit (CGU).
  • Custom hierarchies are also available for specialized reporting requirements. 
  • Use built-in reports or create ad hoc reports on the fly.

Intercompany Accounting

  • Create sub companies at the click of a button.
  • No need to create entries for both companies — use just one point for data entry.
  • Reduce reconciliation and keep all accounts balanced.
  • JIB entries from main company to subs automatically created.

Multicurrency Accounting

  • Download Bank of Canada exchange rates.
  • Automatic currency conversion at data entry.
  • Exchange rate policy defined in chart of accounts.
  • Reports include currency selection and automatic FX conversion.

One-Click Consolidations

  • Consolidate any combination of companies.
  • Run any financial or operating reports in consolidation mode. 
  • Set up separate sub companies to accommodate elimination entries.
Energy Corridor Production Accounting

Production Accounting

Master Setup

  • Set up masters once and no need to do a month-end roll.
  • Energy Corridor masters use a date-effective master strategy, which allows for setup into the future and automatic date range changes.

Simplified Workflow

  • Water injection facilities are included in the field schema.
  • Gas plant-directed sales let refiners identify end purchasers.

Monthly Input Streamlined

  • All products entered in one form.
  • Single-well batteries do not require entries at well level.
  • Multiple wells entered in one grid.
  • Revenue entered at the property or corporate level into Petrinex.


  • True FIFO inventory disposition
  • Freehold and GORR multiple formula options, including taken in kind.
  • Perform gas plant allocations using analysis. Calculate output based on molecular content.

Petrinex Reporting

  • Energy Corridor meets Alberta and Saskatchewan government reporting requirements.
  • Export files can be loaded directly into Petrinex

Automatic Financial Voucher Creation

  • Energy Corridor creates financial entries automatically when processing is complete.
  • No need to roll month-end, import data, or run a separate interface.