Corptex Systems Team

Meet the Corptex Systems team.

Corptex Systems CEO Brian Shyba

Brian Shyba


Brian Shyba is the founder and CEO of Corptex Systems.

Brian has over 30 years of experience in oil and gas consulting and software development. Before founding Corptex Systems, he worked at Arcurve Inc., Merak Projects Ltd., Ernst & Young, and XI Consultants.

Brian has developed applications used in oil and gas engineering, accounting, budgeting, and reserves management. He believes that software architecture must always mirror business operations. Companies may build silos, but Brian uses software to connect them.

Brian lives in Calgary with his wife. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a Computer Science option from the University of British Columbia. He plays squash because hammering that little ball gives him an intense workout.

Corptex Systems CTO Ellen Huynh

Ellen Huynh


Ellen Huynh is the Chief Technology Officer of Corptex Systems.

Ellen has over 15 years of experience in oil and gas consulting and software development. Before joining Corptex Systems, she worked at Schlumberger-Merak and Devon Energy.

Ellen has developed and used the Merak petroleum economic evaluation program (Peep), along with applications used in reserve management, capital planning, and accounting. She also has experience as a corporate planning analyst, using data to report on project performance to executives and investors.

Ellen lives in Calgary with her spouse and daughter. She attended the University of Calgary and holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Biological Sciences and Computer Science, with a concentration in software engineering. Ellen plays soccer. She likes team sports because playing on a team pushes her to play a better game.