Introduction to Energy Corridor

Energy Corridor is an oil and gas, financial, land, and production accounting system. Our system is not three systems that interface—it is one system.

Currently, we are in the financial module. Our financial module offers full multi-company, multi-currency, consolidation reporting. We also offer IFRS management and reporting.

To demonstrate consolidation reporting, we’ll select two companies to consolidate and run a trial balance. These companies run different currencies, so our currency conversion rates are shown. Now, if we wanted to move to production accounting, it’s as easy as double-clicking the production accounting module.

We are now in production accounting and could do our monthly input, volume reports, and revenue. Production accounting cost centres are the same cost centres used in financial. This is huge for reducing redundancy and eliminating errors.

This is Energy Corridor. If you would like a more detailed demo, please call 587.392.4021 or fill out the form below.

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