Development Begins on the Land and Contract Module

Corptex Systems begins work on the land and contract module — the third and final piece of the unified system. Once it’s completed, Energy Corridor will be the first single system for financial, production accounting and land.

Corptex Systems Is Born

Corptex Systems Ltd. is incorporated. The vision becomes a company.

Energy Corridor Development Begins

Active development begins. The financial module goes first. Hard work. Late nights. Lots of coffee.

Energy Corridor Onboards First Clients and Goes Live on EnergyLink

First four financial clients convert from Envision and submit JIBs to EnergyLink.

Energy Corridor Goes Live on Petrinex

First production accounting client uses Energy Corridor to submit to Petrinex.

Financial and Production Modules Merge

Corptex Systems merges the Energy Corridor financial and production accounting modules. The One is born!